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A Day at Marshwood

On arrival at Marshwood Montessori you are required to record the time and sign beside your child’s name. Your child will enter the classroom and choose a cubbyhole for the day in which they should place their lunchbox, water drink bottle and any other belongings they will need for the day. Your child can then choose an activity to work with. You are welcome to stay with your child for a while on their first day until they are settled. Once settled we recommend that you say goodbye and leave. Once the parent has left, a child will settle quickly in the care of a teacher. If it helps, your child is welcome to have a special toy or blanket with them to assist the settling process. Please remember that the teachers are very experienced in settling children in the classroom. If there is a problem the teacher will ring you.


Collection of Children. For the safety of your child we require written notice on the enrolment form of people who will be collecting your child. For anyone not on this form please write their name on the sign-in sheet and inform your child’s teacher. You are also required to record the time of collection of your child on this sheet.

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Full days: 7:30am — 4:30pm 

(Shorter days available on request).


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