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At Marshwood, we have an ‘open-door’ policy. Open communication with you about your child is vital to us.  It is important you talk to us about any issues or concerns; let us know if there are any changes in your child’s life that may impact on how your  child is feeling.  Teachers are always happy to discuss your child with you. At the end of each session, the teacher is able to have a quick talk with you about your child’s day. If you want to know more about your child’s day, progress in class, or any concerns please feel free to make a time with the teacher that is convenient to you both. If you would like to observe a class at any time or to see the children at work please let the teacher know when you would like to come. 


In June and December, you will receive a written report on your child’s progress over the previous six months.  Short Parent/Teacher interviews are held once a year, normally in June or July. We also write regular newsletters and hold Parent Information Evenings twice a year. This is just for the adults; the teachers choose a different area of curriculum each time and present materials to you in an interactive workshop.  We also have various social events, such as a Welcome Morning tea at the beginning of the year and an End of Year party to which all the family is invited, as well as excursions, concerts and celebrations during the year.


To help you keep up to date with your child’s learning and development our teachers regularly update your child’s portfolio, and you are welcome to contribute to these by the use of a Parent’s Voice form or using the post-it note pads which are kept with the portfolios.  These are a lovely record of your child’s achievements at Marshwood Montessori and you are encouraged to go through these with your children regularly.

How you can be involved
  • Take time each day to read the notices on story park and on the blackboard of daily happenings, also check the Notice board and your parent pockets regularly.

  • Talk to the staff about your child’s interests and abilities.

  • Attend our parent interviews and information evenings.

  • Regularly view the learning stories and photos in your child’s portfolio and leave comments so the staff can read your feedback.  Share this portfolio with your child.

  • From time to time help your child decide on a news item of interest to share with us.

  • Offer your time to be a parent helper on school trips.

  • We enjoy working with our talented groups of parents and involving them in our programme.  If you have a special talent or skill that you could share with the children, please let us know.

  • Keep us informed if there are any changes in your child’s life so we can be aware and effective in our teaching.

  • We encourage you to read through the prospectus and the terms and conditions on our enrolment form, and our polices and procedure documents. These are located on the sign in desk in the foyer.  The most recent Education Review office report is also stored on the sign in desk.  

  • Please communicate with us should you have any concerns or issues, so that these can be discussed and resolved as soon as possible.  The Marshwood Complaints procedure is displayed in the foyer.

  • You are welcome to contact us at any time either by phone; 521 5288 or by email 


Whilst many times I have commented to you in person about how impressed I am with Marshwood, I wanted to put this in writing to affirm how happy we are with Mamatha, and her team.


Initially I was really concerned about how Jasmine would settle in, as she had not had a lot of contact with strangers due to trying to protect her from COVID.


However, our concerns were not necessary. The care and expertise has been nothing less than exceptional. I would like to outline this below;


  1. Induction. From the moment Jasmine started, she has had exceptional care from Mamatha and Izzy. I have worked with many, many pre-schools and daycare centres in my role as a workplace training manager and I feel I have a good grasp of what good practice looks like. She was settled literally after less than 20 minutes. The next day she was looking forward to coming in and from then on it has been an absolute breeze. Jasmine is excited to go to Marshwood every day. We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to her early years education.

  2. Care. Without intentional care and interest, the curiosity and sense of safety will not thrive. I can see the care that the team put into all the children when I drop off and pick up.

  3. Relationships. It seems like every child is so well acknowledged and also parents at the times I see other families. Time is clearly taken to get to know families and build relationships.

  4. Quality of teaching/ learning. I was absolutely blown away when Mamatha was talking to me about  the time she puts into developing learning activities. The fact that she is working on this, often at weekends, I have absolute confidence that Jasmine is getting fantastic activities. When I see the teachers at work they are so focused on the activity – so warm and friendly, but also sparking so much fun. Jasmine is always engaged in some activity when I pick her up and when I drop her off she is always led to an activity already set up for her.

  5. Centre care. I have really noticed also that when I drop Jasmine off all the teachers make an effort to make eye contact and say a friendly hi. This is not actually always that common, and I just feel it is worth mentioning as it just adds to the overall amazing culture and team spirit at Marshwood.


As you can tell we as a family are so happy with Marshwood. I understand that they have had a bit of a challenging time,, but even so you wouldn’t know it as operations are smooth and we are very happy. I know that they are working on getting systems in place for reporting and I am confident this will happen in due course. The most important thing is they are working as a team to make this happen.


Finally, actions over words as such – I have been so happy with Marshwood that actually recommended to two other families, their daughters Edie and Kaya and both happy at Marshwood also.


Thanking you,

Rose Michaels



As a parent one of the hardest decisions to make is around the education and day to day care of your child. Hesitantly, we started the journey of researching different local day cares and without understanding the Montessori philosophy we were blown away by the difference we felt when we visited Marshwood Montessori. It was calm, structured without being restrictive and supported individual children and embraced their differences. Our son has a gentle nature and responded incredibly well to the montessori philosophy.  The wonderful teachers have given our family excellent communication and support over the past two years. We can't praise Marshwood enough in their commitment to our son and the other children in the school. At such a young age Skyler has developed a love of nature, a respect for those around him and the resources he uses. He is becoming a unique and independent boy who has gained massive confidence and made good friends throughout his time at Marshwood. We can't thank you enough.

— Teresa Weiss



Hi NeighboursI just wanted to let you all know of a most marvellous Montessori Preschool in the area, which seems to be surprisingly relatively unheard of, which is a shame. They are on Mt Taylor Drive in Glendowie and have a small sign outside which is mostly covered by bushes so unless you happen to drive down that road, and even if you do, it would be easy to miss. My children have been going there for 3 years now and my eldest will soon be leaving to start school. She is leaving a well rounded, polite, confident, intelligent little girl. Attributes that have been reinforced at Montessori not just at home. All the staff there are AMAZING. I can not thank them enough for their caring attitude, their focus on teaching life skills and their outstanding work on beginning language and maths skills. If you have preconceived ideas about what Montessori is about I recommend you go and have a chat with them. Leonie, the owner, is welcoming and would love to show you around. There is a dedicated 4 year old programme 2 afternoons a week which is brilliant. There is a real focus on learning and the children thrive there.I have never seen such a polite, confident, calm group of young children. They all leave with an excellent foundation of skills, and are ready for the world of primary school. Many already able to read and write, and also have number knowledge that will set them up for their progress at primary school.They go on trips to the museum or Motat for example, perform concerts, have BBQ weekends and lots of other events throughout the year. There was even an evening last week helping to give parents the skills to support your children with their maths development, which was fantastic. So If you're starting to think about preschools for your toddlers, bear this one in mind. I couldn't recommend it enough. Feel free to ask me questions or PM me if you like. A very grateful mum.

— Rachel Blanchard on Neighbourly: 



I couldn't agree more. Our son adores Marshwood and we've seen only positive changes in him. Our youngest will join later this year. Thanks for posting Rachel and thanks Leonie and the teachers for your dedication

— Claudia Recavarren


I was lucky enough to have 2 children attend Marshwood Montessori preschool. Not only do the children receive a very high quality Montessori preschool education in a warm caring environment, the facilities are purpose built with plenty of space for outdoor play. The teachers are second to none. I felt like they knew and understood what my children needed as much as I did. I cannot recommend this preschool highly enough.

— Anna Knight

Glendowie Primary Montessori

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