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Should you be interested in finding out more about our wonderful school, you are welcome to book a visit with Mamatha our Centre Director.  Visits are for approximately 45 minutes during which you will have a chance to observe the children, meet the teachers and learn about our development programme, how the school operates and our philosophy.   

If you are keen to enrol your child, you will either be offered a place or placed on a waiting list.  Acceptance of children is based on spaces available as well as sibling priority.

Here at Marshwood, we have an 'orientation week' for all our new children starting.  This gives the child and parents an opportunity to spend time with their child in the classroom, get to know the routines and help them to settle in.  We endeavour to stagger new children starting at preschool, allowing them the time and attention they need to help them feel confident and settled.  Your child would then start at preschool the following week with the teachers working in with the needs of your child.  This is done on an individual basis as every child is different and unique!  

During the orientation week, we will go through the enrolment process and fees and answer any questions you may have.


Fees and conditions:  

We welcome your inquiry.  All inquiries will be sent or given an information pack including fees, booking a visit and enrolment details.  

Marshwood is open all year round, only closing for four weeks at Christmas.  The date of re-opening each year is to be advised.  

We require two weeks notice when your child finishes at Marshwood or your child leaves the preschool.


Our hours are  7.30am to 4.30pm with a minimum of three days in the Kiwi class or Pukeko class.  This enables our school to function as a small community, giving the families and children a strong sense of belonging and developing those all important social skills.  Full day attendance is extremely important, as it benefits the child to develop the independence and concentration needed before reaching primary school as well as build on their love of learning.  This is particularly essential for the four to six year olds.  

Our extra curricular activities include French classes with Nathalie on a Monday morning.


Operating hours: 7:30am — 4:30pm (Full day core Montessori programme 7.30am-4.30pm)

A minimum of three days attendance is required in the Kiwi class and in the Pukeko class.   All-day attendance is paramount, as we have found this maximises the benefits of the Montessori Programme and also helps your child to develop the independence and concentration needed before reaching primary school. 

Settling in

We encourage you to spend time at Marshwood settling in with your child.  You are welcome to spend as much time with us as you need.  It is important your child feels comfortable and starts to bond with the teachers and other children.  We suggest you have a visit or two with your child and then leave your child with us for a short period of time. They are welcome to bring along a favourite toy or cuddly to help them settle in if necessary.


The first day is always the hardest for Mum and Dad.  It is best to say goodbye to your child, so they know you are going, and tell them when you will be back to collect them.  Feel free to phone us at any time to check on your child is settling in.  We are always happy to talk to you and want to make the settling in process as easy as possible.

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