If you are interested in sending you child to Marshwood Montessori Preschool, please fill in the Parent Interest Form and return to us. Your child will then be placed on the waiting list. Acceptance of children is based on available space and Marshwood sibling priority. Once you have accepted a place at Marshwood, an enrolment form will be sent to you. Please return this with an acceptance fee of $100.00 to secure your place.  It is a Ministry of Education requirement that we sight and take a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate or Passport as well as their Immunisation Certificate.  


Fees and conditions:  

Each session is $35.00 including GST for families with two children or more attending at the same time, it is $35.00 for the first child and $33.50 for each subsequent child. For three-year-olds, the 20 hours ECE costs can be supplied on application. Fees are paid monthly unless otherwise arranged with management. Absences are not refunded as your child’s place will remain vacant until their return. Payments will also be required for sessions that fall on public holiday. If your child is away for more than nine days a letter stating the dates and reason for the absence is required. This is a Ministry of Education requirement.


Marshwood is open all year round, only closing for three weeks at Christmas.  The date of re-opening each year is to be advised.  


Two weeks notice is required before withdrawing your child from preschool


Classes are held in the morning and afternoon each day.  We require your child to attend a minimum of three sessions per week to enable the class to function fully as a small community.  All-day attendance is also possible, we have found this maximises the benefits of the Montessori Programme and also helps your child to develop the independence and concentration needed before reaching primary school. Extension sessions are also held two afternoons each week for children aged from 4 to 4 ½  years, depending on space and readiness of the child. This class is aimed at older children so they have the opportunity to work with the most challenging materials of the Montessori Programme which require more time to complete. 


To supplement our Programme, on Monday mornings, French classes are held in one of the classrooms. This programme can change depending on the availability of suitable specialist teachers, so please enquire about the current programme details. 


Morning class: 8:30am — 11:45am

Afternoon class: 12:30pm — 3:30pm

Full days: 8:30am — 3:30pm


Our Extended Day Classes (in one room) are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For this, a child must be over 4 to 4 ½ years, depending on space and the readiness of the child.

Settling in

We encourage you to spend time at Marshwood settling in with your child.  You are welcome to spend as much time with us as you need.  It is important your child feels comfortable and starts to bond with the teachers and other children.  We suggest you have a visit or two with your child and then leave your child with us for a short period of time. They are welcome to bring along a favourite toy or cuddly to help them settle in if necessary.


The first day is always the hardest for Mum and Dad.  It is best to say goodbye to your child, so they know you are going, and tell them when you will be back to collect them.  Feel free to phone us at any time to check on your child is settling in.  We are always happy to talk to you and want to make the settling in process as easy as possible.

Marshwood Montessori 

20 Mount Taylor Drive,

Glendowie, Auckland, 1071

PO Box 25098,

St Heliers, Auckland, 1740
(09) 521-5288


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