Welcome to Marshwood Montessori
Welcome to Marshwood Montessori

Welcoming you to Marshwood Montesorri

Marshwood playground pic 1
Marshwood playground pic 1

Marshwood Playhouse
Marshwood Playhouse

Diversity is the key with the Marshwood Montessori playhouse

Welcome to Marshwood Montessori
Welcome to Marshwood Montessori

Welcoming you to Marshwood Montesorri


Marshwood is dedicated to the education and wellbeing of pre-school children. Established in 1996, the purpose-built classrooms at Marshwood are fully equipped to provide a positive environment for young children to develop following the Montessori Philosophy.  Each child is encouraged to develop at their own pace intellectually and socially. The Montessori Programme gives your child the opportunities to develop self-esteem, concentration, coordination and independence. Classes are small and cater for children aged from 2 to 6 years. We have two classrooms comprising
a maximum of 20 children in each classroom, both with Montessori trained teachers.  We are committed to complying with and implementing all current legislation set by the Ministry of Education, including Te Whariki
and current Regulations. However we also encourage children to discover and learn in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture, Science, Botany, Zoology, Geography, History, Music, Arts
and Crafts.

“It is our aim for all children to leave Marshwood Montessori Preschool with a love of learning.”
The Pukeko classroom with Montessori teaching equipment
Our Facilities

Both classrooms at Marshwood are equipped with a full range of Montessori resources from America and Europe. We also provide additional New Zealand designed materials to enhance and supplement these traditional Montessori resources to ensure that your child has access to a full range of exciting, fun and educational learning aids. Classrooms are positioned to flow onto extensive decks and grassed areas equipped with specially designed apparatus for the development of gross motor skills and practical life.  By working with a combination of both interior and exterior Montessori resources, your child will develop decision-making and problem-solving skills, beginning the path towards total independence.

Extra Curricular Activities

Monday mornings, French classes are held in one of the classrooms. 


This programme can change depending on the availability of suitable specialist teachers, so please enquire about the current programme details. 

“We believe the most important goal for each child is to develop a love of learning and to trust in their own ability to discover and learn.”
Caring for Animals, feeding and understanding them is part of the Montessori learning
Marshwood Montessori fish are ever present for children to understand caring for animals

Spikey is a bearded dragon, originating from the deserts and semi-scrub lands of Australia, she has been a much loved and integral part of the school since Dec 2013 when she arrived at only one month old.  When it was decided that we would add to our pets by purchasing a reptile, the children of 2013 were given choices of a new school pet. As soon as they saw a bearded dragon in the pictures this was the immediate choice and once she arrived, the children named her “Spikey”.

Spikey is now two and a half years old and the children have been excited about her ever since. She has grown considerably since she first arrived, so much so we had to purchase a new terrarium for her to live in after she outgrew her original one.  This was funded by many forms of fundraising including the children making muffins to sell to their families.

Spikey is very gentle with the children and easy to care for, the children regularly help with feeding her and they enjoy watching her being bathed.  The children have come to learn about mealworms and their life cycle; and they will often catch crickets for her or bring in other food she likes to eat.  The children have also learned about important facts of hygiene; washing their hands with soap and warm water after handling her or her food.  New children are fascinated by her charms, and all the children love to gaze at Spikey throughout the day or enjoy having the opportunity to touch her. We all love to watch her, observe her gentle nature and laid back personality while she basks on her rock, or sits under her log or even running around her tree.

We also have two finches named “Snow" and “Flake” as well as Goldfish. Over the years, we have had budgies, cockatiels, rabbits and have even hatched quail eggs in an incubator.  We were also fortunate enough to
have a family who had access to farm animals and during their time with us, we had lambs, a goat, as well as chicks and chickens for visits over a period of time.

Lizard for Marshwood Montessori that has grown with children
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