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Welcome to Marshwood Montessori

Our family owned preschool established in 1996 in the heart of residential Glendowie, Auckland, Marshwood Montessori has strong roots in the vibrant and ever-growing community, while following the Montessori philosophy.

At Marshwood, we encompass a holistic approach to the education and well-being of the child. Here the children are encouraged to work at their own pace while developing those all important independent, self-help, concentration and social skills.

We are a purpose-built Montessori school with two beautiful, aesthetically inviting classrooms with a large privately secluded outdoor playground, where children have many wonderful opportunities for outdoor learning. Both classes have highly experienced, Montessori trained teachers, who can offer your child the educational foundation needed to become lifelong learners 

"From the moment Jasmine started, she has had exceptional care from Mamatha and the teaching team. I have worked with many, many pre-schools and daycare centres in my role as a workplace training manager and I feel I have a good grasp of what good practice looks like. She was settled literally after less than 20 minutes. The next day she was looking forward to coming in and from then on it has been an absolute breeze. Jasmine is excited to go to Marshwood every day. We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to her early years education."

-- Rose Michaels, Marshwood Mother - July 2022

Robust outdoor education programme
cleaning teeth offers learnin of fundamental skills
“It is our aim for all children to leave Marshwood Montessori Preschool with a love of learning.”
Practical learning develops coordination
Our Facilities

Both classrooms at Marshwood are equipped with a full range of Montessori resources from America and Europe. We also provide additional New Zealand designed materials to enhance and supplement these traditional Montessori resources to ensure that your child has access to a full range of exciting, fun and educational learning aids. Classrooms are positioned to flow onto extensive decks and grassed areas equipped with specially designed apparatus for the development of gross motor skills and practical life.  By working with a combination of both interior and exterior Montessori resources, your child will develop decision-making and problem-solving skills, beginning the path towards total independence.

Extra Curricular Activities

French classes with Nathalie are held in the Pukeko class on a Monday morning.  There is no additional charge. 

We will be adding further extra curricular activities to our programme.  Further information is available on request. 

“We believe the most important goal for each child is to develop a love of learning and to trust in their own ability to discover and learn.”
Outdoor curriculum that is fun and introduces learning
Mexican Fish (Walkie) develops pet care

Walkie is an Axolotl (also known as a Mexican Walking fish) who originates from Mexico.  She is approximately four years old now and is fully grown.  Walkie is an amphibian who belongs to the Salamander family.  She has very small lungs and can breathe both in and out of water, but lives under water most of the time.  She is endangered, which means there are not many Axolotyls left.  Walkie loves her food, especially earthworms which the children find for her in the garden.  She is always smiling and can be found waiting patiently in her tank for the children to arrive

How to find us
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